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Bridging the sensor gap

The Intersect Faraday Partnership is using a revolutionary new bridge in Oxfordshire to field-test a robust fibre optic sensor system

Government is part of TEAM

The Department of Trade and Industry’s Manufacturing Advisory Service will have a major presence at TEAM – Total Engineering And Manufacturing.

Segway Human Transporter hits the UK

The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is to be marketed to the aerospace and defence industry in the United Kingdom thanks to a new partnership

The GT40 is back

Mayflower Vehicle Systems has been asked to undertake multiple tasks in the development program for the production version of the GT40 concept car

600 silent horsepower

A UK team has the electric land speed record firmly in its sights with its battery driven car called e=motion

Keeping UK Motorsport on top

Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt has unveiled a new strategy to develop the UK's position as the world leader in motorsport technology

GKN awarded contract for A380

GKN Aerospace Services has been awarded a contract for the design and manufacture of panels for the Airbus A380

Stealthy savings

A new horizontal stabilator design for the F-22 Raptor will save the program $1 million per aircraft

Pregnant crash test dummies

Volvo Car Corporation has developed the world's first official computer model of a pregnant crash dummy.

Tiny Gigabytes

Using blue laser technology, up to 1 Gbyte of data can be stored on a single-sided optical disc just 3cm in diameter.

Fast, accurate and round

Developed by Bayer, the fastest and most accurate football ever is currently in use in the World Cup.

On-line dating agency for business

Small firms and large companies are set to benefit from each other's resources thanks to a new on-line 'dating agency' launched today by Small Business Minister Nigel Griffiths.

Queen's Award 2003 announced

Engineering and manufacturing companies are invited to apply for one of the UK's most prestigious awards.

Strengths and weaknesses at the top

Cross examination of representatives of the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering revealed both strengths and weaknesses at the Olympian heights of UK science and technology.

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