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New sterile seal perfect for pharmaceutical use

A new pump seal for hygiene-critical applications, designed for continuous production runs and to keep expensive downtime to a minimum, actually eliminates contamination traps in a way quite unlike ...

Nanotechnology: road to great things or grey goo?

In a new report, a team at the University of Sheffield funded by the Economic and Social Research Council investigates the scientific reality behind nanotechnology and looks at the hopes and fears ...

Magnetic valves reach 8 billion

Two of the fast, bistable pneumatic valves described in Eureka's February 2002 edition article have reached 8 billion cycles in a 24 hour 7 day life test. Tom Shelley reports

New adhesive for flexible metal foil packaging

For use as an adhesive in the manufacture of flexible multilayer packaging made of metallised plastic film, Lotader 4210 is a new grade of terpolymer from Atofina. It’s particularly suitable for ...

Government requests help to combat terrorism

The Science and Technology Committee is to conduct an inquiry into how UK science is contributing to the country's defence against chemical or biological terrorist attack.

Exports could double with more government help

Medium sized UK manufacturers believe that more Government support could potentially double export volumes according to recent research. Over half (54%) of businesses surveyed said that if the Labour ...

Tomorrow's entrepreneurs

Giving every child an experience of enterprise by the time they leave school is to be a part of the new three-year strategy for the Small Business Service (SBS)

Final MAS regional launch

Manufacturing Minister Alan Johnson has launched the final Regional Centre of Manufacturing Excellence in the East of England

MPs not happy

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is not at all happy with the Government's response to its report, 'Science Education from 14 to 19'

The pen is mightier than the mouse

Pen-based computing is now a reality as Microsoft and a broad range of computer, software and chip companies announced the availability of Tablet PCs

Bridging the sensor gap

The Intersect Faraday Partnership is using a revolutionary new bridge in Oxfordshire to field-test a robust fibre optic sensor system

Government is part of TEAM

The Department of Trade and Industry’s Manufacturing Advisory Service will have a major presence at TEAM – Total Engineering And Manufacturing.

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