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New material for catalytic converter boost

Researchers at Leeds University have developed a synthetic material for use in catalytic converters that lowers the operational temperature for emissions removal.

Smart vaccine storage vessel from MTC

Coventry’s Manufacturing Technology Centre has developed a connected, temperature-controlled storage vessel for the distribution of vaccines.

Goodfellow podcast reaches 100K downloads

Leading materials supplier, Goodfellow, has reached a new milestone with its Materials Inside Podcast, which has now reached 100,000 downloads in just 5 months, across 20 episodes.

Piaggio sensor package for riders and robots

Italian two-wheel specialist Piaggio has released details of a new radar sensor to enhance vehicle safety, set to be rolled out across scooters, motorbikes and even robots.

Biomaterials to float your boat

Researchers at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute have developed new wood-based biomaterials that can be used in the construction of boats and paddle boards.

MoD to acquire Sheffield Forgemasters

The Ministry of Defence is making a strategic acquisition of specialist steel producer Sheffield Forgemasters, pledging up to £400m investment over the next decade.

Nanowire recycling targets e-waste

Researchers in the US have designed a new model for low-cost electronics that allows embedded nanowires to be recycled multiple times.

Launchpad returns to Subcon 2021

A dedicated area, open to eight start-ups or entrepreneurs keen to showcase innovation will feature at Subcon 2021. Entries close 1 August 2021

NPL-led AMPI consortium secures funding

Manufacturing in the North of England has received a major boost after the new Advanced Machinery & Productivity Institute (AMPI) secured £22.6m in funding.

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