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Spatial computing evolution

Varjo Technologies, industrial-grade VR/XR headset company, will collaborate with PC manufacturer Lenovo to enable organisations to adopt and implement VR use cases more quickly.

STMicro and maxon in automation collaboration

STMicroelectronics is working with maxon, a supplier of precision-motor provider and a member of the ST Partner Program, to accelerate the design of robotics applications and industrial servo drives.

Researchers develop transparent electronics

A submicrometer-thin mesh of silver nanowires has been developed by researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, combining optical transparency with electrical conductivity.

Bloodhound revealed in South African desert

The Bloodhound Land Speed Record (LSR) team has revealed the full desert spec car for the first time. Bloodhound aims to claim a new World Land Speed Record next year and is beginning its high-speed ...

Smash-proof, all-metal guitar set to rock EDS

Global engineering group Sandvik will showcase its cutting-edge 3D-printed stainless-steel guitar at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) in two weeks’ time, on 16 October 2019 in Coventry.

3D printed tennis racket handle solution

Hertfordshire-based Ogle Models has produced a fully customisable, weight-balanced handle enabling tennis enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of a fully bespoke racket to take their game to the next ...

Energy harvesting inside tyres

A technology that could see tyres generate electricity whilst driving is being developed by engineers in Japan.

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3D printed PPE

Stratasys has announced a global mobilisation of the company’s 3D printing ...