Easily-accessible information on the latest commercially-available technology that can help the design engineer do his or her job more efficiently.

Precision solid state accelerometer

Sherborne Sensors has introduced the A640 series, a range of customisable, single-axis solid state accelerometers, offering precision measurement capabilities within a variety of applications.

Ball screws convert rotational and linear motion

Misumi Europa supplies a variety of ball screws for converting rotational motion into linear motion and vice-versa. They consist of a threaded spindle, a ball screw nut, with integrated balls, and a ...

New rivet for double flush assembly

As electronic applications have become smaller and smaller it has become one of the challenges of fastening to create a rivet which when placed is flush on both sides that is small enough for these ...

PEM panel fasteners provide fixed screw solutions

PEM panel fasteners designed specifically for tool-only access applications provide fixed screw solutions for a new EC machinery directive imposing strict safety requirements for machine guarding and ...

Cable extension position sensors

Celesco's PT9000 cable extension position sensors are available exclusively in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor. According to Variohm, they are suitable for heavy duty, high accuracy linear measurement ...

Brushless dc motors

Lin Engineering has announced the release of its latest NEMA 17 brushless dc (bldc) motors, the BL17 line.

Flame retardant material

ebalta UK has announced the introduction of a new low pressure RIM material as part of its range of polyurethane materials for rapid prototyping and short run production applications.

Fibre reinforced epoxy resin

Comprised of an aramid fibre reinforced epoxy adhesive, for high performance structural bonding, Master Bond says its EP30R features 'outstanding dimensional stability' and enhanced impact resistance.

Bearing solutions cut vehicle fuel consumption

The Schaeffler Group has developed a range of bearing solutions that are helping vehicle manufacturers produce more compact, lighter vehicles, with improved fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

Strong fibre reinforced epoxy resin

Comprised of an aramid fibre reinforced epoxy adhesive, Master Bond says its EP30R features outstanding dimensional stability and enhanced impact resistance.

Shaft connections for high misalignment

A range of universal joints for machinery applications is available on the Techdrives website. Suiting shafts from 6 to 50mm, these universal joints allow much higher angular misalignments than ...

Free evaluation software for CADSTAR 12.0

The latest version of CADSTAR Express, the evaluation software from Zuken, is now available. Designers wanting to try out the latest version of the pcb design software can download the Express ...

Latching performance for outdoor enclosures

The Southco CR Multi Point Compression latching system is said to provide a robust solution to enhance secure performance with multiple key locking options and adjustable multi point latching for ...

Temperature data logger

Adept Scientific's latest data acquisition product range is Measurement Computing Corporation's temperature data logger which features a stainless steel body.