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Laminar Rings seal and protect

TFC's Smalley Laminar Sealing Rings are assembled to create a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove.

Spirol machine boosts hydraulic pump assembly

When a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps required a method to permanently affix various sized bronze gears to 400 series stainless steel shafts, a solution was found using a heavy duty Spirol ...

Speed and accuracy from Nordson EFD Pico

EFD's PicoDot Jet dispensing system dispenses a wide range of low- to high-viscosity fluids and can apply consistent shots as small as 2 nanolitres at speeds up to 150 dots per second.

Gesipa’s rivet nut stud range

Gesipa Blind riveting systems ltd manufactures both standard as well as special rivet Nut studs to best fit its customer applications.

High strength structural blind rivet

Gesipa's Mega-Grip is a high strength structural blind rivet. The flush-break mechanically locked mandrel core improves weather resistance and provides higher shear strength.

Setting Pistol variants riveting unit

Gesipa offers three different variants of setting pistols for its automatic riveting unit, GAV 8000, to be used in different setting operations.

Captive panel screws

PEM caps captive panel screws integrate a captive screw with anti cross-threading feature and a pc/abs colored knob to provide an ideal fastener solution where subsequent access to an assembly may be ...

Pushbutton snap locks from Elesa

These new GN315 push button snap locks from Elesa are ideal for small doors and panels where a slam closure is required with quick opening.

Blind fastening technology simplifies assembly

Blind fastening technology simplified the joining of two part pieces for a white goods manufacturer improving the assembly time by 60% and reducing the cost involved, leading to easy installation.

Cable glands prevent awkward entry

Hylec-APL has expanded its range of cable glands with the introduction of the Kwik Fix range. Designed for use in applications where access to the interior of a bulkhead or enclosure is restricted.

Remform screws reduce assembly cost

The asymmetrical thread geometry of Remform screw design steers the resulting forces during the threading process in the desired direction. The steep thread flank facing the head of the screw ...

Swinghandle provides flexibility

The new Southco Plastic H3 Swinghandle expands on a robust line of swinghandles with a lightweight, cost-efficient version. Constructed of flammable-resistant nylon, the H3 suits indoor applications ...

Electronic latch integrates with access systems

FDB Panel Fittings' new Electronic Latch Lock is designed to meet the requirements of system specifiers, the standard slam lock module can be integrated into any existing access control system which ...