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Are you looking for a low volume or bridge to production solution, without the capital outlay of a suite of injection mould tooling? Amtech Rapid Prototyping www.amtech-rp.com offers the answer at a fraction of the cost.

Do you ever need more parts than you can easily print?Or do you find the print is not up to the job in terms of quality, material properties, colours or surface finish? At Amtech Rapid Prototyping we have a solution in the form of Vacuum Casting. With the rise of 3D CAD and 3D printing there has also been a massive rise in Vacuum Casting as a bridge to production solutions. From one off to around 400 off, Vacuum Casting and Silicone Tooling offer functional components in days without the capital outlay of an injection mould tool.

So how do we do it?We take your data or existing product and make a 3D master model.We would then paint the model to give the desired surface finish then add a split line and gate.The gate allows the resin to flow in and risers allow any air to escape from the tool.We then place the model into a tank and pour silicone rubber around the part.Once the silicone cures we will cut to the split line and pull the halves apart to reveal the master model. The master is then carefully remove so it can make the next tool and the impression is left in the silicone.We then poor in the Polyurethane (PU) resin.

Using a Vacuum Casting machine we can introduce a liquid PU resin into the cavity.These PU resins can be pigmented to your sample or a RAL Pantone or BS number.They are named to mimic real world injection moulded materials such as ABS PP or GFN.Comprehensive data sheets are available so the properties can be compared with the final production materials.PU rubber components are available in Shore A Hardness’s from 20 to 90, as well as several specialist materials such as flame retardant and high temperature.

The silicone tool typically can make around 25 casts before it is expired, once it has reached the limit of tool life we simply take the existing master and make a new tool. For large run components we can make multi impression tools or run more than one tool in the Vacuum Casting chambers at once.

Amtech Rapid Prototyping have five machines.The largest of which can make casts up to 2m in length and 5kg in a single shot.This makes it ideal for proving your design before you invest in costly injection tooling.

Apart from Vacuum Casting, Amtech Rapid Prototyping are a fully equipped bureau with a paint spraying facility; 3D printing capabilities, model making, CNC machining and RIM casting.

Company Details: Amtech Rapid Prototyping Ltd., Unit 2 Finlay Court, Simonside East Industrial Estate, South Shields, NE34 9QA; www.amtech-rp.com; info@amtech-rp.co.uk

Further info please call – Sylvia Dickinson 07947 845141

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