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Clever air curtain management

Airtècnics presents the CLEVER advanced control, an intelligent control system for air curtains that adapts the performance of the air curtain to the entrance conditions.

Fast and accurate extensometer

Imetrum utilises patented measurement technology in the fastest and most accurate non-contacting strain measurement device available commercially. Imetrum's system was tested at 500Hz to ISO ...

Updated proximity sensors

A range of proximity sensors have been introduced by Sensonics for measuring shaft vibration, position and speed on rotating plant. The range offers a configurable universal driver suitable for probe ...

MTS Sensors updates E-Series

MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation, introduces a new, high performance magnetostrictive position sensor, using its Temposonics technology.

PSV-500 Notebook scanning vibrometer is portable

The PSV-500 Notebook Scanning Vibrometer is a high resolution low noise vibration measuring system from Polytec. It is suitable for entry into the world of vibration and the study of complex ...

Incremental encoder range upgraded

German encoder designer Wachendorff Automation has upgraded the WGD range of incremental encoders and relaunched the 58mm diameter devices as the WDGI family. The parts now boast an extended ...

Camera enables thermal imaging of microelectronics

Micro-Epsilon's latest thermal imaging camera, the thermoIMAGER TIM 640, is able to record radiometric video images at an optical resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Measuring just 45 x 56 x 90mm, it is ...

Thin film RTD sensors specified up to 500°C

Variohm EuroSensor's new ERTD line of platinum thin film RTD sensors is available in a choice of PT100, PT500 and PT1000 elements, for precision temperature measurement from -70 to 500°C.

New application finder for laser profile sensors

Looking to support growing demand for 2D/3D laser profile scanners, precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has further developed its scanCONTROL range of sensors together with an intelligent ...

Thermal cameras enhance condition monitoring

SKF has upgraded two of its thermal cameras, the SKF TKTI 21 and TKTI 31. The devices are said to cut costs and enhance efficiency by enabling engineers to detect potential problems before they occur.