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Early warning of gear damage

A combined oil and vibration monitoring system is now available in the UK. The system enables the early detection of damage to heavy duty, oil-lubricated industrial gears, providing plant operators ...

Displacement sensors deliver precision measurement

Sensor and sensing systems manufacturer, Sick UK, has launched a new series of displacement sensors which it says deliver precise high speed laser measurement of position, height and thickness.

Angle sensors enhance submersible

When optimising the design of its new ASV 6000 coastal class semi-submersible vehicle, ASV selected Novotechnik GL series hollow shaft potentiometric angle sensors from Variohm EuroSensor to provide ...

Onboard verification offers greater precision

ABB's electromagnetic WaterMaster flowmeter has now been integrated with what the company claims is the world's first easily accessible and in-situ flowmeter verification capability.

Digital servo inclinometers

Sherborne Sensors has announced the global market debut of the DSIC series, a range of robust, high precision single and dual axis digital servo inclinometers.

New speed sensor fits tight spaces

Lenord + Bauer has launched a new space-saving, two-channel speed sensor, with pulse amplifier, suitable for use in harsh environments and on applications where space is limited.

Linear servo accelerometers

Sherborne Sensors has announced the A323 'L' series, a range of highly rugged, ultra-low range gravity referenced linear servo accelerometers with 4-20mA (closed loop) output. The accelerometers are ...

Contactless sensor gives rotary measurement

Penny + Giles has introduced the SRH220DR, a new dual redundant output contactless rotary position sensor. The SRH220DR uses proven, non-contact programmable Hall-effect technology to provide OEMs ...

Vacuum generator module saves air

Festo has launched a vacuum generator module equipped with a host of built-in energy-saving and condition monitoring functions.

Sensor gives precise measurement of tensile forces

Kistler's Type 9217A sensor uses an ultra-sensitive PiezoStar element to provide precise measurement of compression and tensile forces under the toughest industrial conditions in production process ...

Pressure sensors for harsh environments

Three new ranges of pressure sensors from Kistler Instruments use a new, patented double lip sealing method designed to eliminate the need for an O-ring seal. This helps ensure accuracy where ...

Single axis 4-20mA Servo Inclinometers

Sherborne Sensors has announced the global launch of the T435 'L' series, a range of compact, rugged, single axis gravity referenced servo inclinometers, designed for precision angular measurements ...

Precision solid state accelerometer

Sherborne Sensors has introduced the A640 series, a range of customisable, single-axis solid state accelerometers, offering precision measurement capabilities within a variety of applications.

Cable extension position sensors

Celesco's PT9000 cable extension position sensors are available exclusively in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor. According to Variohm, they are suitable for heavy duty, high accuracy linear measurement ...

Temperature data logger

Adept Scientific's latest data acquisition product range is Measurement Computing Corporation's temperature data logger which features a stainless steel body.

Battery powered water counter

Krohne has launched the Waterflux 3070, an electromagnetic water counter for standard applications in the water and wastewater industry.

Self adjusting pneumatic cushioning system

Festo has developed a self adjusting pneumatic cushioning system, which is now available as a build to order option for the company's DSNU series round cylinder pneumatic actuators.