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Variohm Holdings launches new website

Variohm Holdings has launched a new website at promoting its three operating divisions: Variohm EuroSensor, Ixthus Instrumentation and Heason Technology.

Standard and custom solenoid actuators

Penny+Giles is a UK-based global supplier of linear solenoids and solenoid valves to OEMs in a range of industries. Solenoids are used in: Medium Voltage Switchgear; Safety & Security; Automotive ...

Litre Meter to distribute coriolis meters

Litre Meter is distributing a range of coriolis flowmeters from US-based manufacturer Tricor. The meters offer a measuring accuracy of between+/- 0.10 per cent and +/- 0.15 per cent, even in long ...

Intelligent universal torque sensor

The new Kistler KiTorq torque measuring flange system operates without an antenna ring and has standard flange geometry conforming to ISO7646 for easy installation.

Kistler launches modular test stand

Kistler has launched a modular test stand system for testing electric motors and gearing in the research and development laboratory, at production and for quality assurance analysis.

Price offer for test and measurement equipment

Keithley Instruments is offering 20% off list price on a range of broad-purpose Test & Measurement instruments to its European customers. The offer is available for a limited period of time, starting ...

Infolytica releases MotorSolve v3.0

MotorSolve v3 is now available. The new MotorSolve Thermal module is included with this latest version, giving motor designers a complete software tool which they can use to thoroughly evaluate the ...

microDaq helps corroborate wind tunnel data

Chell's microDaq is a rugged clam-shell enclosure for PSI's ESP Miniature Pressure Scanners enabling identical pressure data acquisition devices to be used on-vehicle.