Tiny robots set to revolutionise medicine

Researchers from ETH Zurich – the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – are among the first scientists to have succeeded in propelling microvehicles against a fluid flow using ultrasound. In future, these tiny vehicles are set to be introduced into the human bloodstream, thereby revolutionising the field of medicine

How robolink can help you automate simple tasks cost-effectively

Our robolink range of articulated robotic arms is prominent in igus’ low-cost automation business. The modular system enables our customers to automate simple tasks and processes. These include pick and place applications in order picking, feeding, quality assurance, assembly tasks or image processing applications.

What are the drylin SHT options for extreme environments?

In this week’s video we present some of the available options for the drylin SHT stainless steel leadscrew module. Made of 304 grade stainless steel, also known as V2A, the drylin SHT-SS is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry, as well as high temperature applications.

How energy chain systems are proven reliable for long travels

For operators of sewage plants, waste incineration plants, cranes, power plants or mines, one of the greatest challenges is to guide power, data and hydraulics safely on long travels. Conventional energy supply systems, including motor cable drums, busbars and festoons, have their limitations, particularly when operating at high speeds with a heavy fill weight. An alternative is to use energy chain systems from igus, which are tested over long distances at its automated test facility.

How vessels at new container terminals connect to shore power

Solutions that improve efficiency when handling bulk cargo from increasing vessel sizes are all the more essential when speed and fast turnarounds are needed. Does traditional, stationary shore power fit into this picture? What do shore power connections look like for new terminals?

How automation reduces cable assembly leadtime to 24 hours

In this week’s video igus showcases its automated assembly line for readycable at its UK facility in Northampton. The new line uses fully-automated machines and lean manufacturing methods to streamline its assembly process to deliver fully-harnessed drive cables shipped within 24 hours of order placement.

How igus makes automated guided vehicles more fail-safe

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) work in factories and warehouses around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This week’s video highlights where reliable and maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings, drylin linear systems and PRT slewing rings are being used in AGVs.

How chainflex cables are tested for a 36-month guarantee

igus offers a 36-month guarantee, or to up to 10 million strokes, with all chainflex cables. For 25 years, the company has been carrying out tests on its cables within its 2,750m2 test laboratory. With 650 tests running simultaneously each day, and over 2 billion test cycles per year, igus can provide reliable and clear test data that makes the durability and service life of its cables predictable.

How chainflex CFBUS cables triumph in moving applications

Low-end ‘chain-suitable’ bus cables usually feature simple extruded outer jackets and open shielding, which in moving applications can lead to abrasion damage and interference. They also tend to have a layered conductor design, which can result in lower signal quality.

We are seeking smart and cost-effective automation solutions

What innovative ideas do you have to automate your business? This week’s video invites you to enter the 2020 ROIBOT awards for clever return-on-investment ideas with robots. drylin delta robots, drylin linear robots or articulated robolink robotic arms from igus make low-cost automation possible. Enter for a chance to win up to €5000 in prize money plus an invitation to the award ceremony at automatica, the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics, which is held in Munich 16-19 June 2020.

How igus technology helps loudspeaker arrays fly

Sophisticated acoustic modelling helps sound engineers in theatres and concert halls achieve optimal clear sound and sonically uniform coverage around the venue. However, some flexibility is needed within the fixed installation to allow for the different audio projection needs of visiting performers. Traditionally, this has been achieved by connecting the fixed and moveable audio elements though slip rings, however, their operation depends on breaks in the conduction paths. In high power, high quality systems this break can have an adverse effect on reliability and potentially signal quality.

What is the alternative to busbars for storage and retrieval systems?

The narrow, compact and fast movements found in storage and retrieval units are common usage scenarios for busbar systems. However, a big disadvantage is that they can only be used for power transmission. With the advent of smart warehousing, being without control and data signals is not an option.

How to eliminate equipment downtime

Cut unplanned downtime by making maintenance predictable with igus smart plastics. Intelligent cables that predict their service life on automated assembly plants, automotive production, heavy robotics, material handling, pick & place, cutting machines and electronics manufacturing.

drylin delta robot: build or buy

Since the launch of the drylin delta robot last year, igus gives machine builders the option to buy it directly from stock as a kit or delivered pre-assembled ready to install. Its maintenance-free belt drive units, lubrication-free link rods, encoders and stepper motors combine to create a lightweight and reliable, low-cost automation solution for conveyor and buffer table pick-and-place tasks.

How igus keeps print and packaging equipment moving

Equipment used in the food and packaging industry must fulfil special requirements, especially where contact with food is concerned. Here, specific needs include hygienic design, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and/or EU regulation 10/2011 compliance. igus provides maintenance-free and lubrication-free machine parts and systems made of high-performance plastics that help keep costs down and extend service life.

How e-chain systems keep bucket-wheel reclaimers up and running

Bucket-wheel reclaimers/excavators are the workhorse of open-cast mines and ports, and among the largest machines ever built.The equipment and associated electrical components are subjected to extreme levels of mechanical stress. These structures can rotate by up to 540 degrees and travel along for distances up to 1000m. The environment is challenging too with dust, which has an abrasive effect, accompanied by moisture, temperature fluctuations as well as the continuous movement.

How dry-tech bearings keep furniture flexible

Clean, quiet and lightweight, dry-tech linear and plain bearings are the perfect choice for use in furniture. In this week’s video we see where and how the lubrication-free high-performance plastics can be used to make furniture slide smoothly with little effort and remain maintenance-free over their entire service life.

How to guide multiple cables securely for 200 full turns

The igus twisterband range has further extended its reach by providing compact horizontal rotations of up to 7000°, which is nearly 200 full-turns, and vertical rotations of 3000°. At speeds of up to 180°/sec, that is 30 full-turns in a minute. Made from lightweight, yet tough, advanced engineering polymers, twisterband HD features a strong pinned connection between each of its links for a longer service life.