WDS Pull Down Inserts enable steady hold for 5 axis machining

WDS Component Parts has released a Pull Down Insert designed to quickly hold the work piece in position without creating any raised surfaces. Using a reversed internal thread, the clamping pin can retract inside itself to make fixturing a simple task and improve access for the machine cutting tool.

Why you need igus chainflex cables

Energy chain expert igus UK has specialised in plastic energy chains and flexible cables for many years, introducing the first range of dynamically flexible cables for energy chains in 1989.

TeePlug cable connector

Hylec-APL, a leading bulk supplier of electrical and electronic components, has introduced a new design of weatherproof plug-socket. The TeePlug cable connector is a quick anchoring plug designed for mounting on flat or curved surfaces. It can be inserted through a bulkhead or pole outer skin, installed and clamped without access to the back of the connector and offers IP67 ingress protection.

Spelsberg els entry methods

The complete choice of cable entry options explained, including when is the right time for a quick entry. When specifying an enclosure for electrical applications one of the key considerations has to be cable entry. The cable entry points of an enclosure can help to determine the overall level of ingress protection (IP) provided against the external environment as well as cable retention force and crucially, installation speed, all-the-while balancing utility with cost.

An alternative to the traditional spring?

Can you specify the correct spring? All springs are not equal. Eureka's deputy editor Justin Cunningham talks to Brian Goode, technical director of TFC, to find out what the company has done to improve upon the time honoured method of storing mechanical energy - and how it is improving mechanism designs.