Smash-proof, all-metal guitar set to rock EDS

Global engineering group Sandvik will showcase its cutting-edge 3D-printed stainless-steel guitar at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) in two weeks’ time, on 16 October 2019 in Coventry.

Designing, maintaining and repairing with adhesives, coatings and surface treatments

As a leading innovator, Henkel offers a global range of LOCTITE adhesives, TEROSON body repair and protection technologies and BONDERITE surface treatment products to meet industry’s toughest bonding, sealing and coatings needs. These products set the highest standards of performance in automotive repair, manufacture and maintenance.


The tribo-tape liner from igus can be used to line a variety of tribologically stressed surfaces and shapes to optimise transportation tasks for machine beds, material handling and other applications requiring extremely wear-resistant properties.Fabricated from the igus iglidur A160 and V400 material, the tape offers a low coefficient of friction, and is lubrication and maintenance-free.

Dutch students 3D print a stainless steel bicycle

In 2015 MX3D, a Dutch startup announced it was going to build a steel bridge over a canal in Amsterdam using multi axis robotic arms as 3D printers. The company has also been assisting a team of students from TU Delft to develop a fully functional 3D printed stainless steel bicycle called the Arc Bicycle.

Loctite speeds production times on visual communications

Joker FX, a visual communication company, has reinvented traditional methods of manufacturing by merging digital graphics and structural manufacturing and with the use of Loctite adhesives. Joker FX relies on LOCTITE adhesives to reduce production times, increase reliability and ensure durability in severe environmental conditions.

Loctite: Improving your drive

PING is a leading golf equipment manufacturer founded upon providing innovation, quality and service to golfers worldwide. PING leads the industry with clubs designed to improve the game of golf, and depends on Loctite adhesives to ensure the reliability and consistent performance of their products.

Record-breaking harvest with New Holland

The New Holland combine harvester holds the Guinness world record for the most grain harvested in 8 hours: 551 tons. That kind of reliability is critical for farmers, who have a short window to bring in their harvests.

Loctite helps Terex move mountains

Terex is a manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks that have literally moved mountains while working in the quarries of America and Russia and the mines of Africa.

Loctite allows for flexibility in the design of Local Motors’ vehicles

Local Motors connects designers, engineers and inventors in a collaborative online and physical workspace to bring specialty vehicles to the market, most notably, the Rally Fighter - a 430 horsepower on road, off road rally car that leverages LOCTITE to perform under extreme conditions without a pit crew.

Reliability at work: La Cornue

La Cornue, French Manufacturer of individually hand-made kitchen ranges, trusts in Loctite's performance and reliability.

WDS Pull Down Inserts enable steady hold for 5 axis machining

WDS Component Parts has released a Pull Down Insert designed to quickly hold the work piece in position without creating any raised surfaces. Using a reversed internal thread, the clamping pin can retract inside itself to make fixturing a simple task and improve access for the machine cutting tool.

Solutions for today – and tomorrow

Herrenknecht is the world's leading manufacturer of tunnel boring machines, with 100 machines at work on projects ranging from traffic tunnels in Kuala Lumpur to the Paris metro. Watch how LOCTITE is used.

Keeping metal structures cool with glass paint

Sunlight can wear down even the strongest structures. To fend off damage and heat from the sun's rays, scientists have developed an environmentally friendly paint out of glass that bounces sunlight off metal surfaces keeping them cool and durable.

Berg Propulsion: High-tech from Sweden

The island Ockero, off Sweden's west coast, is home to the ship propeller manufacturer Berg Propulsion, one of Sweden's leading high tech companies.

Tribo-tape developments

Following the introduction of the blue tribo-tape made of the food-compliant iglidur A160 material, complex technical polymer expert René Achnitz at igus introduces a few new developments to its range. Typical applications for this material are as a versatile lining of potential wearing surfaces and forms, materials handling and machine tool sliding beds.

Adhesive solutions 4Moms

Reliability is the most important aspect when developing and implementing engineering solutions. Loctite products are the professionals' choice for applications from a diverse technology portfolio. 4moms is dedicated to developing innovative baby products that make life easier for parents. Watch how LOCTITE is used.

Loctite holds Snocross sleds together

Reliability is the most important aspect when developing and implementing engineering solutions. Loctite products are the professionals' choice for applications from a diverse technology portfolio, even in high performance motor sports. Polaris snowmobiles are pushed to extremes by competitive riders, who put the sleds through punishing snocross racing, freestyle competitions and distance jumping.

Why you need igus chainflex cables

Energy chain expert igus UK has specialised in plastic energy chains and flexible cables for many years, introducing the first range of dynamically flexible cables for energy chains in 1989.

TeePlug cable connector

Hylec-APL, a leading bulk supplier of electrical and electronic components, has introduced a new design of weatherproof plug-socket. The TeePlug cable connector is a quick anchoring plug designed for mounting on flat or curved surfaces. It can be inserted through a bulkhead or pole outer skin, installed and clamped without access to the back of the connector and offers IP67 ingress protection.