Loctite helps Terex move mountains

Terex is a manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks that have literally moved mountains while working in the quarries of America and Russia and the mines of Africa.

Paralysed man uses brain waves rerouted to his legs to walk again

A 26 year old man who lost the use of his legs to a spinal cord injury has walked again after scientists rerouted signals from his brain to electrodes on his knees, bypassing his spinal cord entirely. The man has used a wheelchair for the last five years after an incident left him paralysed from the waist down.

Tyres that repair themselves

Scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research, in Germany, have produced non-vulcanised tyre-grade rubber. The resulting material heals itself and could potentially withstand the long-term pressures of driving.

Precision performer

RethinkRobotics, the company behind the Baxter manufacturing robot, has released a one-armed version, Called Sawyer. Sawyer is smaller and more dexterous than Baxter, and is designed to execute machine tending, circuit board testing and other precise tasks that are impractical to automate with conventional robots.

A bridge built by drones

A Swiss project researching future uses of flying robots has released a video showing three drones weaving ropes to create a suspension bridge strong enough for people to walk across. Researchers in Zurich built the quadrocopter rope bridge in the Flying Machine Area at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Loctite allows for flexibility in the design of Local Motors’ vehicles

Local Motors connects designers, engineers and inventors in a collaborative online and physical workspace to bring specialty vehicles to the market, most notably, the Rally Fighter - a 430 horsepower on road, off road rally car that leverages LOCTITE to perform under extreme conditions without a pit crew.

Triflex R assembly

In this video igus demonstrates how its triflex R energy chain can be installed into complex robot applications, often found in harsh industrial environments.

WDS Pull Down Inserts enable steady hold for 5 axis machining

WDS Component Parts has released a Pull Down Insert designed to quickly hold the work piece in position without creating any raised surfaces. Using a reversed internal thread, the clamping pin can retract inside itself to make fixturing a simple task and improve access for the machine cutting tool.

Solutions for today – and tomorrow

Herrenknecht is the world's leading manufacturer of tunnel boring machines, with 100 machines at work on projects ranging from traffic tunnels in Kuala Lumpur to the Paris metro. Watch how LOCTITE is used.

Space sector heads to US on major growth mission

Nine UK space companies are in the US on a trade mission to boost investment of proprietary equipment. It will feature some of the most exciting British companies in the space industry, from small start-ups to established market leaders, with the overall aim of growing the UK presence in the global space sector from 6.5% to 10% by 2030.

Forcam Force can boost manufacturing productivity

How to make your factory more productive and achieve greater returns on capital invested in plant and people is explored in a video from Forcam. Featuring their Forcam Force shop floor software, it provides insights into the benefits of Industry 4.0 to manufacturers.

Solid Edge University provides training in ST8

The third Solid Edge University event took place at Silverstone University Technical College. It brought together users, resellers and Siemens PLM to network and provided training in the latest version of Solid Edge 3D CAD software.

3D printed UAV launched from warship

HMS Mersey provided the platform for the University of Southampton to test out their SULSA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Weighing 3kg and a wingspan of 1.5m the airframe was created on a 3D printer using laser sintered nylon and catapulted off HMS Mersey into the Wyke Regis Training Facility in Weymouth, before landing on Chesil Beach.

Autonomous construction robot

Swiss University, ETH Zurich, is hosting a digital fabrication lab for the National Centres of Competence in Research. Digital fabrication combines digital design with physical construction processes.

Coping with cables on multi-axis robots

In this video, igus demonstrates how to set up the triflex RSP (retraction system pneumatic) on a six-axis robot. Part of the triflex series, the RSP is an intelligent retraction system for multi-axial robotic applications.

Hollywood director creates solar flowers that track the Sun

Film director James Cameron has created the 'Solar Sun Flower', a solar device that tracks the Sun as it moves throughout the day to maximise the amount of energy being harvested. Cameron said his Sunflowers will not only help people harness more of the Sun's energy, but offer a more attractive alternative to the existing roof-top panels.

Home and factory automation

Mouser has launched a series of videos to keep engineers connected to the latest innovations in automation technology.

3D printed supercar

Start-up Californian technology company, Divergent Microfactories, said it has produced the world's first 3D printed supercar which, it claims, is also one of the greenest and most powerful cars in the world. The Blade is equipped with a 700hp bi-fuel engine that can use either compressed natural gas or petrol. The vehicle goes from 0 to 60 in just over 2s and weighs around 640kg. Divergent Microfactories said its aim is 'dematerialising and democratising car manufacture'.

Has Lexus created a hoverboard?

Is this the answer to 'Back to the Future' fans dreams or an advertising stunt? Lexus claims to have developed a functional hoverboard, called 'SLIDE', which is said to work using magnetic levitation to achieve frictionless movement.