WildCat robot can sprint unaided at 16mph

Boston Dynamics has unveiled WildCat, a quadruped robot that can freely bound, turn and gallop along flat terrain at speeds upwards of 16mph with no off-board power supply.

Lower chassis and construction sequence of Bloodhound SSC

Find out how the car that aims to break the 1000mph barrier is being built in this fascinating video that gives a great insight in to how the Bloodhound SSC chassis is riveted and bonded together in preparation for its record attempt next year.

Bloodhound: In search of speed

Film students from the University of the West of England used Bloodhound as the subject for their final year project. They visited the Bloodhounded Technical Centre, conducted interviews with the team and produced this fantastic film.

Machined spring offers improved accuracy

This video demonstrates the benefits of Abssac's machined spring product. The single piece, double start machined spring can be used to supply extension, torsion and lateral bending springs with the added advantage of better accuracy and a choice of end attachments.

Rod end bearing can handle higher tensile loads

Bearing specialist igus UK has unveiled the igubal EBRM-16 V, a steel/plastic rod end bearing designed to bridge the gap between traditional steel and plastic bearings in terms of load capabilities.

Bloodhound goes to school

Bloodhound education strategy director Chris Kirby talks about the education programme with the help of Enfield schools and corporate ambassadors from sponsors MetaSwitch, Royal Acadamy of Engineering, Prometheam and ARM.

SpeedTec connectors from igus

Energy chain and cable specialist igus now offers Intercontec connectors with integrated SpeedTec quick release fastening technology.

igus unveils guide trough system for plant irrigation

Plastic energy chain specialist igus has developed a new cost effective guide trough system that is easy to assemble, suitable for long travels of up to 150m and targeted at applications within the horticultural industry.

Maintenance-free system rolls and slides in virtual silence

igus' drylin hybrid linear bearing system presents a combination of plain and roller bearings. It is based around the drylin W linear guide family and has been designed to fit within its dimensional envelope without increasing the design width of the range.

RX energy tubes keep enclosures sealed

When supplying energy to machinery, particularly in areas where exposure to dust, dirt, chips and fluid is a problem, one issue machine builders have is how to prevent the energy supply from being damaged.

iglidur materials for use in knife-edge conveyors

Knife-edge conveyors are becoming increasingly popular, giving a compact and precise end to a conveyor. They are commonly used in food production machines, bottling lines and packaging systems, as well as point of sale units in supermarkets.