BEEAs Day 4: The Winners

Today's winners of the Start-Up and Young Design Engineer of the Year Awards are Archangel Lightworks and Mohammed Tahir of PRFI.

BEEAS Day 3: The Winners

Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) is the Small Company of the Year, while FASTT from ACPI scoops the Materials Application of the Year.

How to get complex wear-resistant parts within a few days

Additive manufacturing gives designers new freedom and flexibility in the design of components with complex geometries. If light and durable wear-resistant parts are required, igus offers the right answer with its 3D printing service. Using the online iglidur designer tool, the designer can upload the STEP file, select from over 60 iglidur materials with several manufacturing methods and order the part within seconds for dispatch within a few days.

How to eliminate equipment downtime

Cut unplanned downtime by making maintenance predictable with igus smart plastics. Intelligent cables that predict their service life on automated assembly plants, automotive production, heavy robotics, material handling, pick & place, cutting machines and electronics manufacturing.

Smash-proof, all-metal guitar set to rock EDS

Global engineering group Sandvik will showcase its cutting-edge 3D-printed stainless-steel guitar at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) in two weeks’ time, on 16 October 2019 in Coventry.

How dryspin technology runs smoothly and efficiently on high helix threads

The high helix thread design from igus is optimised to achieve greater efficiency compared to standard threads due to its flatter angle. The asymmetric geometry also yields a long service life and, because of the round tooth profile, operation is quiet and vibration-free. Available in stainless steel, the leadscrew is corrosion resistant, FDA approved and offers high level stiffness. For lightweight applications, the tribo-optimised, hard anodised aluminium version is non-magnetic.

How this year’s manus winners applied high-performance plastics

As performance of engineering plastics continues to advance, more and more conventional metal bearing applications convert to plastic bearings. There are many reasons for this: tribopolymer bearings are lubricant- and maintenance-free, lightweight, corrosion-free and cost-efficient. Their application is diverse... from asparagus harvesting machines to whirlpool covers to gears for church clocks.

How high motion plastics are used in commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles, such as telescopic loaders and dumper trucks, must cope with the harsh everyday life of moisture, risk of corrosion and often inappropriate handling. igus makes this possible with its energy chains, chainflex cables, linear systems and polymer plain bearings that are characterised by their long-term functional reliability, particularly in failure-prone areas. They are cost-effective, maintenance-free and do not require additional lubrication.

How high performance polymer parts are used in utility vehicles

Utility vehicles, including buses, telescopic loaders and commercial good vehicles, have to withstand very tough working conditions and need to work reliably even in bad weather. igus makes this possible with its energy chains, chainflex cables, linear systems and polymer plain bearings that are characterised by their outstanding resilience and long service life.

How the igus speedigus service delivers customised parts fast

Complementing over 12,000 different iglidur types of plain bearings held in stock, the igus speedigus service is available for customised parts. In this week’s video, Gerhard Baus, plain bearing specialist at igus, provides an overview of the speedigus service, which is divided into four divisions: speedimould, speedicut, speedifit and speediprint.

Artificial snake-like scales help soft robot to slither

Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a soft robot inspired by snakeskin. The soft robotic scales are made using kirigami — an ancient Japanese paper craft that relies on cuts, rather than origami folds, to change the properties of a material. As the robot stretches, the flat kirigami surface is transformed into a 3D-textured surface, which grips the ground just like snake skin.

How low-cost automation can benefit your business

Automation is becoming ever more relevant for increased productivity, lean operation and reliability in a wide and varied range of applications. In this week’s webinar, Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus, shows how modular components from the drylin E and robolink ranges can be combined to create low cost automation systems.

igus doubles capacity following surge in demand for sub-assemblies

Northampton-based plastics components manufacturer igus has expanded its UK facility. The move comes in response to customer demand for sub-assembled components that can are more easily be integrated and packaged into customer projects, products and designs. The expansion has almost doubled its engineering support facility to 1,000sqm, while freeing up ground-floor space for the engineering team to meet demand for fully assembled products.

Hypersonic reusable spaceplane design gets sign off

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected The Boeing Company to complete advanced design work for a reusable spaceplane. The XS-1 program aims to build and fly an entirely new class of hypersonic aircraft that would provide short-notice, low-cost access to space.

Long life plastic gears from igus

igus has extended its range of 3D printing materials with the addition of iglidur I6 for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). Characterised by a wear resistance at least six times higher than that of standard materials, iglidur I6 is well-suited for printing high-wear parts, such as gears, offering a particularly long service life.