Dassault Systèmes introduces SOLIDWORKS 2017

Dassault Systèmes has announced the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2017.From small startups to global organisations, more than 3.1million users can create multi-sensory experiences through innovative product design, with access to easy 3D design and ...

Faster simulations

DMD extends sensor life

Driverless cars smile

Full charge - but what's the cost?

There you are at home, peering at your electricity bill through a gloom barely lifted by a light that has been dimmed to its minimum in order to save electricity. But how much does it save? Is it more efficient than a lower wattage bulb running full tilt. And if that electricity bill is going to come down (and, of course, so that you do your bit towards keeping the ice cap in its frozen state), where are the savings going to be?

Future innovation

The laid back approach

First of the Mohicans

Reflecting on Brexit

Whilst the initial reaction to Brexit was one of concern, three months on, we’re yet to see a ...

automotive industry

An interesting observation from Roy Gandy in this month's interview is that the demanding ...

World's strongest fibre

Dyneema Carbon hybrid composites are claimed to represent the next step in the evolution of carbon. ...

EV uses micro-turbine

British Engineering Excellence Awards

The BEEAs aim to demonstrate and promote the quality of engineering design within the UK, and emphasise innovation and effectiveness of smaller companies enabling them to compete on equal footing with larger ones.

Engineering Design Show

With a high level conference, free practical workshops and an exhibition demonstrating and promoting cutting edge technology and innovation, the Engineering Design Show is the only event providing for the needs of the UK’s design engineers.

Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials is the place to find out about all things happening in the materials world. We regularly update our features, news, videos, blogs, tweets and more to bring you the latest coverage on everything from composites to coatings.

Manufacturing and Engineering North East

Manufacturing and Engineering North East is a show unique to the region that offers visitors the chance to see, hear and discuss the latest engineering and manufacturing developments. The show was launched in 2015 to not only champion the UK engineering and manufacturing sector, but also to provide a platform from which to build on the region's successful industrial heritage.

New Electronics

Established more than 40 years ago, New Electronics is the electronics industry's leading magazine and a central hub for design engineers. New Electronics keeps designers and managers up to date with the fastest moving industry in the world.

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Complex Building Façades

Using multiphysics simulation to understand the interaction between environmental, geometrical, and ...

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