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Graphene components lightens the load for Hugo Boss sailing team

Graphene materials company, Haydale, will collaborate with Alex Thomson Racing ("ATR") the Hugo Boss-sponsored extreme sailing team to incorporate graphene enhanced materials to improve the strength and stiffness of structures within the boat to keep it light, yet strong.

There will be an immediate review to ascertain weight saving opportunities. Of particular interest is work by Haydale in adding their functionalised HDPlas Graphene Nano Platelets (GNPs) into both Carbon Fibre ...
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Stieber adds backstops


Stieber Clutch will add to its range of load sharing and releasable backstops, at the Hannover Fair ...  Read More

PAC and PLCs expand iQ range


The MELSEC iQ-R PAC (programmable automation controllers) and the MELSEC iQ-F range of compact PLCs ...  Read More

Incremental encoders ...


German encoder designer Wachendorff Automation has upgraded the WGD range of incremental encoders ...  Read More

Bearing unit for rail


SKF has launched a new tapered roller bearing unit for passenger railway applications, which it ...  Read More

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£5m for UK healthcare ...


Three research projects has been awarded £5.3 million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences ...  Read More

Droning on ... and on


There is something authentic about a design which came about following a 'Eureka moment'. That is ...  Read More

Complete control


Machine builders, particularly those designing equipment such as packaging machines, have ...  Read More

Quarter turn revolution


It all started around 80 years ago, when William Dzus, an American engineer of Ukrainian descent, ...  Read More


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Fundamental Material ...


Learn more about the fundamental elements to consider when selecting engineering materials to ...  Read More

Beagle 2 shown 'intact'


News emerged last week that the infamous 2003 Beagle 2 Mars Lander has been found on the surface of ...  Read More

Coffee Time Challenge

Forward...from the past?


It's been 30 years since Back to the Future was first shown on the silver screen. One of the most intriguing aspects of the movie trilogy is during Part II, when Marty McFly (that's the protagonist for those unaware) travels to the year 2015. It gives a fascinating insight into what people 30 years ...  Read More

Ben Floyd 16/02/2015
I think I happen to be part of a project which could have the answer to the Coffee Time Challenge in the 2015 February issue of the Eureka magazine. I am the leader of a project we have called RickSURE (Safe Usable Renewable Energy). This is an engineering Masters group project being run with University of Warwick and Warwick Manufacturing Group, with input from Tata Steel. The aim of this project is to develop an energy regeneration system that can be retrofitted to rickshaws, to assist rickshaw operators in developing countries, reducing their workload. Our design uses a double acting pneumatic cylinder fitted to the rickshaw. The cylinder is attached to an axle which is driven from the rear axle of the Rickshaw. Using torque from the axle, the cylinder compresses atmospheric air which is then stored on-board the rickshaw. For our project we are reusing 2 Litre fizzy drinks bottle to store this high pressure air. The system can also be topped up using an external pneumatic airline. When required, the system can then be reversed with a flick of switch to provide a boost of energy. The same cylinder becomes an engine powered by the compressed air stored on board to assist the operator. We are in the relatively early stages of the project but we feel it answers your challenge. Potentially the design could even be modified slightly so that it fits on a conventional bike.   Read More

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No quick fix for skills


The skills gap in UK engineering has taught us a valuable lesson: there is no such thing as quick ...  Read More

Wrestling with conflict ores


Although you might not think so, it is more than likely that the issue of conflict minerals is ...  Read More

Cruise liner technology


Cruising has a reputation for being a traditional and somewhat old fashioned kind of holiday best ...  Read More

Collaboration is key


There appears to be a lack of trust in certain circles. Having spent the few days of the new year ...  Read More

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Interview with Ric Parker


When you are charged with cultivating innovation for one of the world's most prestigious ...  Read More

Interview with Naomi Climer


In the autumn of 2015 Naomi Climer will become the IET's first female president, but her agenda ...  Read More

Prof Anthony Finkelstein


Everyone is bemoaning the lack of good engineers coming through the education system. But if we are ...  Read More

Hermann Hauser, Catapult


The Catapult programme was intended to revitalise the British technology sector – but is it ...  Read More

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