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EEF calls for rebalancing of economy

A call for Britain's political leaders to back policies that will rebalance the UK's economy has come from manufacturers' organisation, the EEF.

It follows YouGov research conducted on behalf of the organisation confirming widespread support for industry's demands for better-balanced growth. According to EEF, over six in 10 consumers (63%) want to see Britain enjoying a better-balanced economy, where growth is sustainable and the economy is growing across different sectors. "They ...
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Rotary position sensor


Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new range of Hall Effect rotary position sensors with a selection ...  Read More

Thermal imaging camera


Micro-Epsilon's thermoIMAGER TIM 640 is able to record radiometric video at an optical resolution ...  Read More

Chainflex cables


igus has expanded and improved its chainflex CF211 and CF111.D series of measuring cables for ...  Read More

Permanent magnetic couplings


The GMDO, available now from JBJ Techniques, is a permanent magnet coupling designed to transmit ...  Read More

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Human factors engineering


On one level, the concept of human factors engineering would seem fairly self-explanatory. Products ...  Read More

Engineering Design Show 2014


In the three years since its inception, exceeding expectations has become the norm for the ...  Read More

AM: Shifting the paradigm


That additive manufacturing technologies are radically altering the ways in which products are ...  Read More

Sensors: Integration


Although sensor technology and performance has advanced at an exponential pace during the last ...  Read More


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Cheaper 3D printed parts


Engineers from the University of Sheffield have found a way to make 3D printed parts lighter and ...  Read More

3D shapes from sketches


A graphics system developed at the University of British Columbia is said to allow complex 3D ...  Read More

Coffee Time Challenge

Drying up


When it comes to drying oneself after washing, the towel may not be the best option. So what could replace it?

Drying one's hands after washing them is a function that has received a remarkable (indeed, some might say disproportionate) amount of attention from the technological community ...
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Being clear about clarity


We are often asked to produce prototypes of components with varying levels of clarity and ...  Read More

Specifying a motor


In recent years permanent magnet DC motors (brushed and brushless types) have become more ...  Read More

Life changing decisions


As a member of the judging panel for the British Engineering Excellence Awards, I am sworn to ...  Read More

Tim’s Eureka moment


After nearly five years as Editor of Eureka, Paul Fanning will be leaving the magazine at the end ...  Read More

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Dr Patrick Finlay, ...


Engineering and medicine are increasingly indivisible, with biomedical engineering being at the ...  Read More

Jo Coleman, ETI


The UK needs to introduce new forms of energy storage says the woman responsible for the strategic ...  Read More

Alex Burns, CEO, Millbrook


The new man in charge of Millbrook Proving Ground is overseeing some major changes for the company. ...  Read More

Eugen Elmiger, Maxon Motor


An emphasis on highly-specialised, high-quality product is the key to maxon motor's future, as Paul ...  Read More

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