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Planes to get 'smart skin' that can detect damage

A so-called 'smart skin' – made up of tens of thousands of tiny sensors – could be fitted to future aircraft so that they can 'feel' changes in speed, temperature, physical strain and movement.

Engineers at BAE Systems are working to develop the technology so that aircraft health can be monitored in real time, before any big problems occur. The idea is that sensory information is captured by the Smart Skin, transmitted wirelessly to a remote operator and displayed on the user ...
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Chainflex cables


igus has expanded and improved its chainflex CF211 and CF111.D series of measuring cables for ...  Read More

Permanent magnetic couplings


The GMDO, available now from JBJ Techniques, is a permanent magnet coupling designed to transmit ...  Read More

Brushless rotary dc motor


A larger, more powerful brushless rotary DC motor said to provide exceptional power to weight ...  Read More

Thermal imaging camera


Micro-Epsilon's latest thermal imaging camera, the thermoIMAGER TIM 640, is able to record ...  Read More

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Building a driverless future


Once purely the preserve of science fiction, the driverless vehicle is increasingly a reality and ...  Read More

Reacting to regulations


The management of materials has become vital for engineering businesses. One of the main reasons is ...  Read More

Method bonds cermaic faster


An innovative and powerful ceramic-to-ceramic bonding technique has been developed specifically for ...  Read More

PLM helps F1 team go for ...


It is difficult to think back to the days when reams of paper drawings consumed rooms, along with ...  Read More


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Cheaper 3D printed parts


Engineers from the University of Sheffield have found a way to make 3D printed parts lighter and ...  Read More

3D shapes from sketches


A graphics system developed at the University of British Columbia is said to allow complex 3D ...  Read More

Coffee Time Challenge

Saved by the bell?


We all know the grinding frustration of waiting in for an important delivery or service. Often one takes half a day off work because the company or tradesperson can only offer the vaguest of windows in which they may arrive, only for us to have to pop out into the garden or some other remote part ...  Read More

Matt Hyne 15/08/2014
Good morning, A solution that occurs to me for this issue's coffee time challenge is so simple i can only assume it already exists; a bell that calls through to your mobile and then allows communication with the bell user either to indicate you are on your way, or an alternative delivery arrangement/drop point/neighbour. Thanks, Matt  Read More

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An unhealthy situation


The recent report from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers entitled 'Biomedical engineering: ...  Read More

The lessons of experience


The opportunity to share information, experience and technical know-how is at the heart of any good ...  Read More

A fitting tribute


As I write this, it is still a week before June 6th, which (as I'm sure you know) is the 70th ...  Read More

Surface finish of AM parts


One of the drawbacks of Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing (3DP) is the quality of the ...  Read More

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Jo Coleman, ETI


The UK needs to introduce new forms of energy storage says the woman responsible for the strategic ...  Read More

Alex Burns, CEO, Millbrook


The new man in charge of Millbrook Proving Ground is overseeing some major changes for the company. ...  Read More

Eugen Elmiger, Maxon Motor


An emphasis on highly-specialised, high-quality product is the key to maxon motor's future, as Paul ...  Read More

Al Peasland, Red Bull ...


We talk to the man responsible for making sure the Formula One team Infiniti Red Bull Racing is ...  Read More

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3D shapes from sketches
A graphics system developed at the University of British ...

Cheaper 3D printed parts
Engineers from the University of Sheffield have found a way ...

Drones to combat flooding
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could soon be used to help ...
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