Flow regulator investment

3D printed ears

Safety that isn't hot air

We have already noticed that an uncanny number of Eureka readers' ears pick up at the mention of cycling. While there is clearly a cycling resurgence within the UK, possibly led by Olymplic and Tour de France success, it seems the enthusiasm for the sport amongst engineers is disproportionately high. Is this because many modern-day engineers are harnessed to their desks all day and need a good leg stretch, or perhaps it is elegance of the design of contemporary bikes with their marriage of advanced mechanics and even more advanced materials. Or perhaps it is the practicality of a mode of transport that keeps you active, is cheap and is non-detrimental to the environment.

Combined compact sensor

Variohm EuroSensor has launched the EPTTE3100, a combined, compact sensor for the simultaneous ...

Record-breaking harvester

British Engineering Excellence Awards

The BEEAs aim to demonstrate and promote the quality of engineering design within the UK, and emphasise innovation and effectiveness of smaller companies enabling them to compete on equal footing with larger ones.

Engineering Design Show

With a high level conference, free practical workshops and an exhibition demonstrating and promoting cutting edge technology and innovation, the Engineering Design Show is the only event providing for the needs of the UK’s design engineers.

Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials is the place to find out about all things happening in the materials world. We regularly update our features, news, videos, blogs, tweets and more to bring you the latest coverage on everything from composites to coatings.

New Electronics

Established more than 40 years ago, New Electronics is the electronics industry's leading magazine and a central hub for design engineers. New Electronics keeps designers and managers up to date with the fastest moving industry in the world.

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