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Eureka's unique blend of innovation, technology stories and engineering applications has made it the must read brand for design engineers and design management around the UK.

The Eureka group comprises a monthly publication, a community based web site, e-zines, live events, supplements, annuals and an annual Awards scheme. Eureka possesses the most up to date and in depth database of design engineering in the UK. Eureka is the only brand for anyone trying to reach design engineers within the UK, providing the platforms necessary to effectively reach this important industry sector and the decision makers within it

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Tim Fryer

Tim Fryer


Although trained as a mining engineer and then an electronics engineer, Tim Fryer has spent all of his working life as a trade journalist. While a few of those 28 years have been working on titles in a variety of sectors – notably facilities management, landscape design, process and electrical engineering and panel building – the vast majority has been spent writing about electronics.

He joined MA Business as Deputy Editor of New Electronics at the start of 2013 because, he says, "there is no other magazine on the market that places such an emphasis on its editorial content and gives you so much opportunity to write."

When the time permits he cycles and swims (both slowly), plays golf and the ukulele (both badly), tends to his allotment (quite well if the weather is good) and enjoys doing them all.

Justin Cunningham

Justin Cunningham

Technical Editor

Justin Cunningham graduated from Kingston University in 2004 with a first class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. His degree specialised in aerospace technology and he spent 15 months with Astrium Space working on future concepts of spacecraft.

Since then, he has worked as a technical journalist and is currently editor of Engineering Materials and technical editor of Eureka.

Graham Pitcher

Graham Pitcher

Group Editor

Graham Pitcher has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 30 years, mainly covering the development of electronics technology. He also has broad expertise in computer aided design, industrial automation and computing technologies.

For the past 20 years, he has been involved with the development of New Electronics and has edited the magazine for 18 years. He is also responsible for the editorial content and direction of MA Business’s engineering design publications.

With a degree in Chemical Engineering, he worked in the steel and petrochemical industries before starting his career in publishing.

Amongst his many language skills is the ability to say 'where are the horses?' and 'I don't have a brother' in Welsh. He also spends a lot of time looking for his golf ball, because it's never where he expects it to be.

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