3D printing sees 47% growth, with more expected in 2015

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Industry research conducted by The Business Advantage Group shows an increase in 3D printing and forecasts further growth in 2015.

"3D Printing is currently used by 22% of worldwide CAD users and managers," says Chris Turner, CEO/managing director of The Business Advantage Group. "By the end of this year 33% of the users and managers surveyed are expected to be using 3D printing, and in the coming three to five years, useage is expected to grow to 45% of users and managers".

Growth is predicted in all industries, at varying adoption rates. For example, in manufacturing use of 3D printing is expected to grow 39% (increasing usage in 2015 from 33% to 46%), while in AEC it is expected to grow 110%, although from a lower base of 9%, and increasing to 19%. Within the next five years, manufacturing is expected to use 3D printing at 57% and 45% in AEC. The current usage is highest in education (68%) and manufacturing (33%), whereas usage in AEC, utilities, and process and plant industries is currently in the range of nine to11%. Regionally, highest usage is in North America (28%) followed by Asia Pacific (21%) and then EMEA (17%). Usage in large companies (34%) is much higher compared to medium (24%) and small companies (9%)."

The survey was based on responses from CAD users, designers, engineers, and professionals including managers and senior executives.

Brand recognition among the CAD user/manager, design and engineering audience, however, is low. 51% could not name their brand of 3D printer. Of those that could name their brand, one in five (20%) mentioned Stratasys, and 1 in 10 mentioned Makerbot, 3D Systems and Cubify."