ANSYS’ latest software offering focusses on IoT and digital twins with pervasive engineering

ANSYS has released the latest version of its engineering simulation solution, ANSYS 18, which can be used across the entire product lifecycle.

Today’s industries are undergoing a fundamental transformation in manufacturing and product development. Trends like the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and machine learning are merging the physical and digital worlds, creating an unprecedented pace of product innovation. However, this can create complexity across the entire product lifecycle.

Ajei Gopal, president and CEO of ANSYS, said: “With ANSYS 18, customers can use simulation upfront in the development process to quickly evaluate changes in design and downstream of the product lifecycle to analyse real-time operational data – providing companies with game-changing data that in turn furthers innovation, operational efficiency, product quality, as well as cut costs and time to market.”

Simulation is being adopted across the entire product lifecycle, empowering engineers to imagine more options – a trend ANSYS calls pervasive engineering simulation.

Early design decisions lock in most of a product’s costs. With the digital exploration capabilities in ANSYS 18, designers can test hundreds of ‘what-if’ concepts early in the design phase and assess product performance for strength, power, thermal, pressure, flow rate, electrical and other performance requirements. Through this, designers and product engineers can identify optimal combinations while eliminating outlying designs – saving time and money.

Some organisations are also expanding their use of simulation into operations by creating digital twins – virtual representations of individual operating assets whose performance and productivity can be improved through simulation technology. Sensors on the machine relay specific operating data to the digital twin. This continuous feedback helps engineers to optimise the operation of a machine or a system and can predict adverse conditions long before they happen. ANSYS 18 in combination with partner applications like, GE Predix and PTC ThingWorx, enables engineers to create digital twins and apply predictive analytics to optimise their product’s performance and operations in the field.