App aims to make 3D design easy for everyone

Gravity, a startup company set up by students from the Royal College of Art, has launched an app to simplify the process of 3D printing and design. Gravity Sketch is said to allow users to intuitively and easily turn ideas into 3D objects.

Pierre Paslier, a member of the Gravity team, said: “As a team of designers we used to get so frustrated with the existing software packages that we had to wrestle with to 3D print anything at all. Visual thinkers especially are often held back by the linguistic and numerical nature of design software such as CAD.”

Unlike existing design software the app is claimed to allow users to bring their creations to life in real time using ‘direct 3D technology’ to produce their designs on a virtual plane. This is said to remove one of the key complexities with existing 3D design tools, learning how to use the complex software required.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya, another member of the Gravity team, added: “The growing ‘makers movement’ has created a market for tools that differ from the industry standards.”

The team hope Gravity Sketch will help open up 3D design to a whole new generation. The Gravity team has partnered with 3D printing company, Shapeways, giving users the option to order 3D prints of their creations from within the app.

Gravity Sketch is currently available in iOS with an Android version expected later in 2016. The team are also developing the app on VR platform Oculus Rift and in Augmented Reality.