Autodesk adds simulation to Fusion 360 update

Autodesk has released an update to its Fusion 360 design software, which includes simulation capabilities that it claims can accelerate and improve product development.

Simulation in Fusion 360 allows engineers to perform both linear stress and modal analysis. Users can define materials, add constraints and add loads to solve weaknesses in their assemblies, all while staying within a single design environment. By pinpointing flaws sooner in the design process, costly prototypes and time-consuming revisions can be reduced.

“Simulation traditionally takes multiple software tools and hours of work. Not so with Fusion 360. We made it powerful, but drop-dead simple,” said Kevin Schneider, director of Fusion 360 at Autodesk. “And by integrating simulation directly within the design and engineering workflow, users can not only build more viable parts with fewer iterations, but they can also develop intuition and expertise to reach validation more quickly,”

Collaborating in Fusion 360 is also said to be more seamless, simple, and integrated. Instead of emailing static images or screen shares, users can now share a link with remote teammates or stakeholders, who can view an active model in a web browser as it is manipulated in real-time.