Cable extension sensor offers 2m measurement range

Celesco's new SG1 series cable extension transducer builds on the design characteristics of its SP and SM series short range 'stringpot' sensors by offering a longer 2m measurement range and optional IP67 protection.

Available from Variohm EuroSensor, the device comes in a compact 75 x 75 x 50mm polycarbonate housing and is targeted at end users requiring fast off the shelf delivery. The module is designed to provide absolute linear position measurement over a 2m full stroke range with a voltage divider output from a 10kO plastic-hybrid potentiometer and a recommended 30VDC supply. Aimed at demanding measurement applications from hydraulic cylinder positioning to structural testing and medical equipment position feedback, the sensor has an accuracy rated at 0.35% and repeatability to 0.05% F.S. The rugged polycarbonate body houses a precision high-cycle plastic hybrid potentiometer in a spring-loaded cable drum arrangement with a stainless steel measuring cable in a free-release tolerant design to help guard against damage if the cable is accidentally released. A choice of three electrical interfacing options covers use for normal and more extreme environments. Celesco says no critical installation alignment is required and mounting is extremely flexible. The SG1 has three through-hole mounting points directly in its housing and is also supplied with a steel mounting bracket that offers four 90° opposed mounting orientations, as well as front and back face fixing. A 4 to 20mA output version is also available.