Programmable cable extension position sensor

Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new cable extension 'string pot' position sensor featuring a user programmable measuring range up to 3175mm.

Other features include a user selectable output voltage and a durable construction suitable for industrial wet environment and outdoor position measurement applications. The SR1V, from USA position sensor specialists Celesco, also includes a mounting bracket and moveable rear cover allowing alternative positions for measuring cable exit and integral electrical connection. Variohm says that the electrical and mechanical flexibility is suitable for a range of applications for draw wire or string pot type position sensing. Reprogramming the SR1V is possible in situ and involves the removal of the rear cover and adjusting the zero and span pushbuttons located on a digital controller board in combination with extending the measuring cable between the required positions. According to Variohm, within the full mechanical range, users can select optimum voltage output over any range. The output voltage can be adjusted and its polarity reversed using four signal selection dip switches on the controller board covering selectable ranges of 0 to 5, -5 to 5, 0 – 10 and -10 to 10VDC. A 15-30 VDC supply with 50mA current powers the unit with electrical connection via a 4pin, M12 connector which is supplied with mating half. A 4m long cordset with a fitted M12 connector is available as an option. The SR1V is rated to IP67 protection levels for dust and water immersion and a ruggedised polycarbonate housing has been incorporated to allow an operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C. Installation is straightforward with no critical alignment required. The spring loaded and nylon coated stainless steel cable is easily attached to the object under motion and fully retracts into the body of the SR1V requiring a compact installation envelope within 200 x 120 x 100mm. The SR1V was originally designed as an OEM solution for off road construction equipment but its durable and flexible construction could suit applications in agricultural machinery, water and waste treatment and processing equipment requiring washdown.