igus moves towards green bearings

Polymer researcher and bearings specialist igus UK has developed a plain bearing material that is based on 54% sustainable and natural raw materials.

The basic polymer of the new iglidur N54 plain bearing is mainly made of castor oil, rather than finite crude oil. The company's mechanically and tribologically optimised biopolymer is suitable for universal use in the low-load range. As with all igus iglidur polymers, iglidur N54 is a high-performance tribological plastic material that is both lubricant and maintenance free. In-house test results indicate excellent wear resistance properties with loads up to 2MPa, thus a green alternative for general purpose, low-load applications. As well as general industrial applications, igus sees possibilities for the biopolymer in consumer goods, for example furniture and other items of daily use. The new bio-bearing fits well within the igus concept of developing environmentally-friendly alternatives for applications that currently work with lubricated metallic plain or roller bearings. iglidur N54 bearings are self-lubricating. www.igus.co.uk