DryLin® E from igus® extends the drylin drive technology design kit

Engineers have been using drylin modules for many years now, fitting their own motors to drive the units. Linear drive expert igus® UK supply drylin E actuators with polymer bearings ready-to-fit with a NEMA certified motor attached.

igus® is the largest producer of injection moulded polymer bearings and reinforced plastic cable carriers in the world based in Northampton (UK), and with global headquarters in Cologne (Germany). Product lines include industry-leading e-chain cable carriers, igubal spherical bearings, chainflex continuous-flex cables, iglidur plastic plain bearings, drylin linear bearings and guide systems. The company is comprised of 26 subsidiaries across 31 countries and employs approximately 1,800 people worldwide. The compact, lubricant-free linear drive system is made of plastic and aluminium which ensures the unit is light and quiet. The igus drylin E is available ex-stock equipped with either a lead screw drive or toothed belt individually configured to the required length ready to fit. Standard igus parts build the unit resulting in an extremely fast delivery time of around 3-5 days which means productivity can be immediate. The main focus of the igus® linear drive product range was primarily focused on manual operation for formal adjustments, yet the addition of the NEMA motor to the linear units ensures the product is not only ready-to-fit yet drives perfectly reinforcing the cost-effective, productive and simple nature of the product. Initially the igus® motor range covers NEMA17 and NEMA23 stepper motors and is optionally available with encoder and/or brake. The motor units work reliably in a wide range of different environmental conditions (depending on the protection class chosen) and the NEMA standard guarantees global availability. The linear guide itself is based on the igus drylin W system, which is virtually maintenance-free, and has been successfully in use for many years. It comprises a bearing housing and tribologically optimised polymer gliding film for excellent friction and wear values. For more information, please call igus® UK directly on 01604 677240 or visit the website at: www.igus.co.uk. Follow us on twitter, watch our videos on YouTube, and connect with us onFacebook.