igus unveils low cost roller energy chain and guiding trough

igus UK has launched a new roller energy chain, the 3500R, and a new modular plastic guiding profile, the guidelite.

The 3500R e-chain series is designed to enable long travels up to 150m at speeds of up to 4m/s. It is targeted at applications where travel is too long for a pure sliding application, or where a P4 roller energy chain is over-dimensioned due its weight. The low friction roller system safely drives energy cables and is said to be more energy efficient than competing solutions, as well as silent, durable and abrasion resistant. The 3500R energy chain series can also be safely guided in igus' new guidelite system, a modular plastic guiding profile optimised for easy installation. The system is designed for slow applications with low cycle numbers and can withstand harsh conditions.