Market leaders merge drives and motors

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To pre-empt tightening efficiency regulations, Mitsubishi Electric and Brook Crompton are offering their drives and motors as a matched and tested package.

The two companies are working together because many motor users are adopting variable-speed drive technology to meet new energy efficiency requirements.

Engineers from the two companies have cross-trained on each other's equipment, so are able to operate independently. However, they also support each other and work as a team to offer integrated solutions.

Both companies have direct sales and a network of key distribution partners in sectors such as the water industry, food and beverage, HVAC, packaging, automotive and general manufacturing.

Matt Handley, of Mitsubishi Electric, said: "For many years some motor users were reluctant to fit an inverter, seeing it as an unnecessary expense and complication. However, the spiralling costs of energy and subsequent legislation changes have made them reassess inverters as an effective way of improving efficiency."

He added: "In fact inverters usually recoup their purchase price within 12–24 months. Most end-users now appreciate this and work it into their financial modelling."