New 3D printing material is 50x more resilient than ABS

Plastics specialist igus created a tribo-polymer filament for 3D printers, which it says is up to 50x more resistant to wear and abrasion than products made from ABS1 and PLA2.

Suitable for use with any standard 3D printer, the new tribo-filament is aimed at engineers who want to create structurally robust prototypes or small batch components for test in real world applications. Speaking to Eureka, igus director Rob Dumayne, explained: "With the new tribo-polymer filament, we really wanted to create a material that would allow our customers to create real, useable parts – not just clever shapes – cost effectivly and quickly. "The new filament gives customers more flexibility for the design of their bearings. Our online 3D-CAD library also provides access to readily available 3D models for igus products in STL formats, which can be downloaded and directly used as input data for 3D printing. We're the first in the world to do this and this is a really exciting time for igus." Two different materials in two different diameters are currently available; iglidur I170, which comes in yellow and has a better linear wear rate than I180, which comes in white. iglidur I180 is more flexible than the stiffer iglidur I170 and can therefore achieve a higher bending radius for faster printing speeds and has a slightly higher processing temperature. Both printer filaments, the iglidur I170 and iglidur I180, are available in diameters of 1.75 and 3mm.