Easier industrial 3D printing with iglidur l150 tribo-filament

This week’s video of the week introduces the latest tribo-filament material for 3D printing from industrial tribo-polymer specialist, igus.

Previously, igus introduced the world’s first structural plastic filament for use in 3D printing. Fifty times more wear-resistant than conventional 3D printing materials, it was developed for engineers that need to create structurally robust prototypes or even small batch samples for real-world tests. A number of variants are available to suit different application requirements.

While still offering very good wear-resistance, this new iglidur l150 variant is even easier to process and print compared with other igus tribo-filaments. It can be used in any 3D printer for which a nozzle temperature of approximately 250°C can be set – with or without a heated printing plate, if an adhesive foil is used.