Pioneering resource launching in London to drive forward advanced propulsion technology

The Digital Engineering and Test Centre (DETC), A high-tech industry-led resource, is launching in London on Thursday 16 June 2016 to drive forward the development of advanced propulsion technology in the UK.

The DETC will create and use virtual engineering tools and techniques to accelerate the development, test and manufacture of automotive propulsion systems. It will set out to show how the automotive sector could benefit from collaboration with London’s digital sector to capitalise on state-of-the-art developments in digital engineering and gaming technology.

By ‘power training’ engineers in applications including digital engineering, gaming, big-data and high-power computing, DETC will strive to help solve some of the upcoming challenges facing automotive in the fields of design, development, manufacturing, testing, validation and verification.

A unique industry-academic venture within the Loughborough University London campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, the DETC will focus on both product development and advanced manufacturing engineering.

Co-located on the same floor as the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute and the Advanced Propulsion Centre’s (APC) London office, and being an APC ‘spoke’, DETC brings specific functional, technological and regional capability to the APC’s network.

“There is huge potential to be unlocked by greater collaboration between the digital sector and the automotive industry,” said Jon Horsley, DETC programme director. “We want to open people's eyes to the massive opportunities afforded by working together and power training automotive engineers in those skills that have been used so successfully and effectively in gaming.”