Presenting ‘Eureka Knowledge’

Eureka Magazine has launched a new website called <a href="">'Eureka Knowledge'</a> that brings together a unique blend of application stories, helpful whitepapers, instructional videos and insightful blogs for the UK’s design engineer community.

The aim of the site is to provide useful content and tools to help design engineers make their designs more efficient, cost-effective and commercially successful.

In the first of a series of topics, Eureka has teamed up with experts ANSYS and COMSOL to explore simulation, which is an integral part of a vast range of projects and industries.

Used at the right time and in the right way, simulation can reduce design time, help identify potential failures earlier in the product development cycle and enable simulated tests that might not otherwise be possible.

Each month COMSOL and ANSYS will submit the latest information and tips from the cutting edge of the simulation industry.