Southco in Discussion: Hinges Explained

What hinge technologies and solutions are out there?

How can I excite end-users of my product by integrating intuitive functionality into the hinge?

An overview of different types of hinges – to hold open lids and heavy panels, to soft close doors, to reposition monitors and screens, to self-open or self-close or to resist unwanted movement or make movement easier for the end-user. For example, how do I eliminate gas struts or door stays to save on hardware cost?

This webinar will show design engineers what hinges can do for your product’s end-users, saving you time in design as well as differentiating your product from your competitors. It will explore different functional hinge types and example applications to show how this translates into features your end-users will really value.

Key Discussion Points:

1. What different types of hinge solutions are available.
2. How to enhance the user experience of your product using the right type of hinge.
3. Example applications showing the benefits and value.
4. Selecting the most appropriate hinge solution.
5. Where to find more information and design help on hinges.

Register your place at the webinar here.