‘World’s longest’ tandem linear actuator developed

A fully integrated tandem linear actuator has been developed that measures a world record breaking 12m in length.

The system, which was developed by Schaeffler for a French manufacturer of automation systems, weighs in at 1,190kg and has a total stroke length of 11,660mm. It comprises an inherently rigid aluminium support rail with two KUSE35 six row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies arranged in parallel. The system has a positional accuracy of +/-0.1mm. The width of the carriage is 509mm, with a height of 200mm. The carriage plate is 1,570mm in length with a width of 500mm. The tandem linear actuator provides a maximum acceleration of 1m/s2 and a maximum speed of 0.5m/s. The actuator is driven by a linear motor. The direct drive is equipped with two slotted standard L1C synchronous linear motors that generate a peak force of 4,200N.