Driven linear actuators cater for all needs

Schaeffler has developed a comprehensive range of compact, high precision, driven linear actuators, linear tables and accessories, which provide movement and positioning solutions for a wide range of automated handling applications.

Movement and positioning in automated handling systems, including feed and discharge processes, places demanding requirements on the design of system components. In order to fulfill these requirements, Schaeffler has developed a comprehensive range of high precision, compact driven linear units, including integrated linear actuators and linear tables. The type of linear actuator selected is based on the application requirements in terms of the required positional accuracy, positioning speed and load carrying capacity. Schaeffler's standard linear actuators comprise an aluminium support rail that provides high rigidity. The guidance system incorporates clearance-free, track roller guidance systems or recirculating ball guidance systems. The carriage is driven by one or three wear-resistant toothed belts, ball screw drive or a direct drive. For special application requirements, Schaeffler offers a wide range of linear actuators that provide additional functionality. These include telescopic actuators, which can be telescopically extended on both sides, with the maximum stroke length more than twice the total length of the unit. Actuators with opposing carriages can also be supplied, where two carriages moving in opposite directions are driven by a toothed belt. In addition, linear actuators with integral gearbox can be provided, where the return unit comprises an integrated planetary gearbox, which eliminates the need for a coupling and coupling housing. Linear Tables For the movement of moderate-to-heavy loads with short stroke lengths combined with high positional accuracy, linear tables are the preferred choice. Here, the guidance system incorporates linear ball bearings or recirculating ball guidance systems. The carriage supports moderate-to-heavy loads and is driven by a ball screw drive or trapezoidal lead screw drive. Non-driven linear tables are also available if required. Linear tables can be supplied with accelerations up to 50m/s2 and speeds up to 2.5m/s. The maximum length of a single-piece profile is 1.5m. Driven linear units can be supplied with a variety of accessories such as fasteners and retainers, as well as a range of drives and controls, including couplings, gearboxes, motors, servo controllers and sensors – which together provide customers with multi-axis high precision positioning systems. For more information, please ask for a copy of the ALE brochure. < a href="">