Connecting Systems

The rapidly advancing communication industry is bringing new opportunities for the optimal connection and integration of systems that require close functional coupling.

This seminar looks at some of these new connection methods and how they enhance 'the system of systems' performance and operation. The technologies involved in these connection methods are considered in terms of robustness in the common environments experienced in the aerospace industry, together with the predicted longevity in a sector dogged with obsolescence problems. Attending this event will help you: - Reduce economic costs throughout the system lifecycle - Ease constraints on system design - Focus research and technology activities towards the increasing system interconnection complexity - Network with key industry players Technical Advantages - Gain an overview on new connection technologies, and their deployment in other industry sectors - Understand standards and guidelines on electronic architecture for sub-systems integration - Gain an insight into different technologies satisfying system functionalities to different safety critical levels - Consider the benefits of using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components - Appreciate the challenges posed by COTS components in terms of ensuring suitability, capability and safety - Consider solutions to issues caused by the use of commercial data buses in aerospace - Understand constraints to Network Enabled Capability and reasons behind the low uptake of commercially-developed solutions in legacy military aircraft - Gain an insight into research to reduce costs and meet real-time performance requirements in UK military - Consider technical and commercial challenges in use of new technologies in legacy military aircraft - Gain an overview of future developments and benefits of time-triggered technologies - Compare time-triggered and event triggered data buses - Achieve closer integration between operational and tactical platforms - Increase flexibility, agility and robust supporting capability of on-board mission planning systems Who should attend This event will be of practical use to engineers in systems design, research and development, in the aerospace and related industries. It is also relevant to safety and risk assessment engineers, both mechanical and electrical.