Free webinar: “Basic polymers: construction and modernisation of plants in Russia and the CIS”


According to expert estimates, global demand for basic polymers will grow by 40% by 2030 and 60-65% by 2050. To date, Russian industry has enough resources and potential to become a significant player in the global market. Projected and ongoing projects contribute to boosting production of basic polymers in Russia to 11,4m tonnes before 2030.

Learn more about forces that drive forward the industry of basic polymers in Russia and the CIS. Explore investment projects for construction and modernisation of plants.

At the webinar you will learn about:

  • Forecasts and new opportunities for growth of basic polymer industry in Russia and the CIS in a 10-year perspective
  • Investment projects for construction and modernisation projected for development within 2020-2030
  • Innovative technology and solutions that are most demanded by the industry

Please note! Have no time to join the webinar at the appointed time of 11:00 AM (GMT)? Follow the link to register and get a webinar recording in Russian. The webinar is held in English.

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