From design to delivery - Streamlining your product development lifecycle



3D printing is an advanced additive manufacturing process, often used in the early stages of product development, thanks to its speed, flexibility and low cost. Whilst an innovative technology, it is not the be all and end all design utopia, but a pioneering part of a revolutionary team of options available to today’s product designers. Join Saleem Shariff, Proto Labs’ Lead Customer Service Engineer, as he discusses the different strategies available for designing parts with production in mind. Saleem’s tutorial will give details on Proto Labs’ exclusive design for manufacturability analysis tool, advice on designing parts with mouldability and CNC machining in mind, all reducing the impact on your budget and resource.

Learning Objectives:

•How to map your product development path for a streamlined lifecycle.

•How to design your product, reducing your time and budget.

•How to best design your parts for effective mouldability and CNC machining – learn to verify the real risks.

•How to make the most of Proto Labs’ free, interactive design for mouldability and CNC machining tools.

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