Manufacturer Measurement Network Additive Manufacturing

National Physical Laboratory, Huddersfield

Additive manufacturing processes (often referred to as '3D printing') offer a great deal of potential to manufacturers, opening up new possibilities, rapid prototyping, greater product design flexibility and increased product personalisation.

Some industries have already adopted these processes, especially where design is more important than safety or functionality. However, the new freedoms created by additive manufacturing also mean new challenges with regards to product validation and assessment.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines are popping up all over the place in a vast range of industrial processes and it seems that new ideas about what can be made are rapidly outpacing the rate at which we are able to manage these processes to produce conforming product or to produce systems able to validate the quality of these products.

Many challenges face us when considering metal AM parts, including the effects of powder quality, the ramifications of powder re-use, validating internal geometry and surface finish, understanding and validating component physical properties. Much work is being done in research institutes and in large manufacturing businesses to ensure that AM can be adopted safely and economically, but how does this apply to SME manufacturers.

Speakers for the event include:

  • Steven Crownshaw (AM Business Manager, Renishaw)
  • David Butler (Science Area Leader-Advanced Manufacturing, NPL)
  • Ben Hawksworth (CEO & Founder, Hawk 3D Proto)
  • Rob Woollin (NPL North of England Strategic Business Development Manager)

Join us at this event to find out more about the current state of play in Additive Manufacturing and hear from people who are already working in this environment and meeting these challenges daily.

The event will commence at 5:30pm with optional lab tours of the 3D printers from 4:30pm. Free parking will also be available and complementary refreshments during networking.

For more information, and to register,click here.