1-day event on modelling batteries & fuel cells

Join fellow engineers and scientists on 24th March for COMSOL Day: Batteries & Fuel Cells. This free, online event will feature keynote talks by fantastic industry speakers and presentations from COMSOL technical staff on best practices when modelling batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Session highlights include:

  • Battery Simulation Apps
  • Keynote: Addressing Battery Challenges with Mathematical Modelling
  • Keynote: Modelling of Porous Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion
  • Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics® for New Users
  • Thermal Management of Batteries & Fuel Cells
  • Introducing the Battery Design Module
  • Introducing the Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer Module
  • Simplified and Lumped Battery Models
  • Parameter Estimation for Battery, Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Models
  • Battery Degradation
  • Multiphase Flow and Transport Processes in Electrochemical Cells

To learn more and register for COMSOL Day: Batteries & Fuel Cells, visit: https://www.comsol.com/c/d2lf