1-day online event on modelling nuclear fusion

Join fellow engineers and scientists on 12th May for COMSOL Day: Nuclear Fusion. This free, online event will feature keynote speakers from various government and industry bodies as well as sessions held by COMSOL staff covering nuclear fusion areas where modelling and simulation are highly important.

Session topics include:

  • Trends in Nuclear Fusion
  • Testing and Development of RF Components for ITER by Humberto Torreblanca, EPFL
  • Modelling RF Heating of Hydrogen Plasmas for Nuclear Fusion by Pablo Vallejos, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
  • Designing a Nuclear Fusion Reactor Using Multiphysics by Daniel Brunner, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS)
  • Diagnostic Models for Nuclear Fusion by Cornwall Lau, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • From Densification to Marangoni Flow: Optics Processing in Support of High-Power Laser Systems by Nathan Ray, LLNL
  • Magnets, Coils and Superconductors
  • Magnetohydrodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Charged Particle Tracing in Magnetic Fields
  • Magnetomechanics and Lorentz Forces

To learn more and register for COMSOL Day: Nuclear Fusion, visit: https://www.comsol.com/c/dc65