45ECF Brushless DC Slotted Flat Motor with Outer Rotor

The 45ECF Brushless DC Flat Slotted Motor utilizes an outer rotor configuration with an overall body length of 22.5mm. This motor consists of a 16-pole magnetic circuit and is able to provide a torque output of up to 91 mNm. The open body design allows for better heat management.

Portescap announces the release of the 45ECF brushless DC flat slotted motor, the latest addition to join our flat motor portfolio. The 45ECF features a performance optimized design that utilizes an outer rotor configuration with an overall diameter of 43.2mm and a body length of only 22.5mm. The motor features hall sensors to easily control speed and torque and can be provided sensorless based on application requirements. Additionally, the motor can be used in combination with existing gearbox designs to provide high output torque at required operational speeds.

The optimized design with maximum continuous torque up to 91 mNm in a compact package makes it an ideal choice for applications that demand high performance in tight spaces. The open body design of the 45ECF facilitates better body heat management. The 45ECF can be fully customized to meet precise application requirements.

The 45ECF’s high torque capabilities and cost effectiveness make it an ideal solution in a variety of applications such as aerospace and defense (aircraft valve actuation, missile actuation, air cushion systems, flight control systems, military robots), robotics (wheel drive for AGV’s, robotic grippers), and medical (surgical robotics).

About Portescap

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