Compact brushless rotary dc motor

A larger, more powerful brushless rotary DC motor said to provide exceptional power to weight ratio, is now available as an option from the established range of Dunkermotoren BG rotary brushless motors.

The BG XL (97mm) is a low voltage, three phase brushless DC motor delivering 600 to 1100W of power. it is suitable for most industrial automation, automotive and other general OEM automation/motion control applications. The modular design of the BG XL is said to ensure durability and long life, combined with optimum application flexibility and adaptability. It is designed with various integrated controllers, including SI (speed control) PI (position control) and MI (master control). The motor is also optimised for high power density and efficiency, high dynamic acceleration and low noise levels. It features Neodymium magnets, a no cogging torque, coreless design with integral hall sensors for rotor position detection.