Choosing a wave spring

As a supplier with decades of experience distributing Smalley Wave Springs, TFC has the capability to solve your spring design problem, no matter how unusual the application. As well as providing standard sizes, the company can also design and supply bespoke springs to meet exact requirements.

Wave springs offer many advantages over traditional coil springs, such as a space reduction of up to 50 per cent, while still offering the same force and deflection. TFC stocks over 10,000 carbon and stainless-steel wave springs from 6 mm to 500 mm that are suitable for many applications requiring accurate and high-performance solutions.

However, if you still can’t find a part to fit your needs, then Smalley’s No-Tooling-CostTM process enables the prototyping and manufacture of bespoke products. TFC’s technical team can work with you to design the most effective solution for the application, whether it is using a standard material or one of our more exotic high-performance alloys.

Is carbon steel suitable?

Carbon steel is traditionally used to manufacture Smalley Wave Springs because its materialistic structure has a good tensile and yield strength, making it suitable for many industrial applications. However, the maximum recommended temperature for the material is around 121°C, so an alternative material should be considered if you are operating at high temperatures. Extremely low temperatures may also require a change of material to either stainless steel or a nickel alloy.

Carbon steel is vulnerable to corrosion if used in extreme conditions and not sealed correctly. Designers should consider an alternative, perhaps one of our stainless steels or a high-performance alloy, such as Inconel or Elgiloy. These materials are specifically designed and tested to withstand more exposed or corrosive environments.

One of our experienced engineers can work with you to review the options available, ensuring your spring meets the requirements of the application, both mechanically and environmentally.

Need help choosing the right spring for your application? Get in touch with TFC’s technical support team to discuss whether wave springs are right for you. You can contact or telephone +44 (0) 1435 866 011.