Solving your design challenges – no matter what

TFC specialises in supplying Smalley Spirolox® retaining rings and wave springs to suit your needs, whether you work in the medical, aerospace, oil and gas or another industry sector. TFC’s experienced engineering team can help specify Smalley products for your application from over 10,000 catalogue parts. In addition, TFC engineers can design and develop bespoke parts to meet exact requirements. This process will ensure your application contains the most effective solution.

TFC and Smalley have built a reputation founded on quality, expertise and customer collaboration when supplying wave springs, constant section rings and Spirolox® retaining rings that provide precise, high-performance solutions.

Spirolox® retaining rings have no ears to interfere with mating components, making for a neater more compact design when compared with traditional circlips. They also have no gap, which means a full 360 º retaining shoulder.

Smalley wave springs boast a reduction of spring height by up to 50 per cent over ordinary coil springs, while offering similar force and deflection characteristics.

TFC supplies Smalley wave springs and Spirolox® retaining rings made from several different alloys. Carbon spring steel and stainless steels are most common, but more exotic materials such as Inconel or Elgiloy are also options for more extreme conditions. The ability to provide bespoke products where an off-the-shelf one is not suitable, means that no matter the application, TFC can solve your design challenges.

What bespoke designs can TFC offer?

  • Special materials, for example to meet extreme temperature requirements or to resist corrosion
  • Specific diameters or ring sections
  • Additional features like special ends, balancing or locking features to aid assembly or functionality
  • Wave springs with specific load characteristics

The unique edge-coiling method of manufacture means Smalley can produce parts up to 3,000 mm in diameter, with no special tooling required. Bespoke designs are produced economically, with short lead times.

To speak to one of TFC’s experienced Smalley technical team, contact or telephone +44 (0) 1435 866011.