Design better cables using multiphysics simulation

Modern cables have a life expectancy of around 20-30 years, and any instances of unexpected cable failure can take many hours, sometimes even longer, to fix. The high requirements for safety and performance in cable design has led engineers to modelling and simulation tools to ensure cable failure and its far reaching impact is minimised. Join this upcoming webinar to find out more.

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This webinar will provide a comprehensive introduction to modelling cable design in COMSOL Multiphysics® where we will discuss:

  • The different approaches to modelling the electromagnetic and thermal effects of high-voltage cables
  • How to calculate capacitive and inductive effects in cables, as well as their heating
  • How to set up a cable model, including choosing physics, proper boundary conditions and material properties, followed by solving and results evaluation
  • Plus, the webinar will conclude with a live demonstration of calculating the electromagnetic heating of a cable from its 2D cross section

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