Discover the Power of Simulation: Top User Stories of 2022

COMSOL is excited to share with you the top modelling and simulation user stories of 2022! These user stories highlight how engineers researchers are using simulation tools to innovate and solve complex engineering challenges.

Multiphysics Simulation Feeds Innovation

Every year, COMSOL collates the latest and most exciting user stories to demonstrate the transformative power of simulation and modelling in industries such as automotive, nuclear, medical, audio and many more.  These examples highlight how engineers can reduce R&D costs, develop better products and decrease time to market.


The 2022 user stories include:

  • Eden Tech | Wastewater treatment system made from recycled compact discs
  • Hellenic Cable | Undersea cables designed to be more computationally efficient
  • JJR Acoustics | System-level automotive simulations
  • Manufacturing Technology Centre | Simulation-powered “digital twin” of the AM facility
  • MED Institute | Virtual tools for analysing the safety of implanted medical devices


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