Energy Efficient, UV Cure Adhesives for Electronic Component Assembly

Electronic component manufacturers have many compelling reasons to look for ways to reduce their energy consumption. Technical adhesive specialists TECHSiL are excited to introduce a brand new range of one-component, UV curable silicone sealing materials with an innovative dual cure feature which can help reduce energy consumption and revolutionise assembly lines.

This innovative new range is made up of four grades - RTV19126; RTV19042; RTV19129 & RTV19131. All are silicones; translucent in colour, with a UV primary cure and a secondary moisture cure at room temperature or with thermal cure. The initial UV cure contributes to a reduction in cycle time whilst the secondary cure allows for a more complete cure to be achieved in shadowed areas where the UV light penetration is limited - solving a long standing problem which a single UV cure material could not satisfy.

How does UV Cure lead to energy savings and improved performance?

UV-cure adhesives instantly cure when exposed to UV light, eliminating the need for prolonged heating or energy-intensive curing processes, offering a dramatically faster curing time. Traditional adhesives require high-temperature curing, consuming more energy. UV-cure adhesives reduce energy usage by curing at lower temperature so have lower energy consumption to cure. Removing the need for excessive heat to cure negates the risk of damaging sensitive components by removing thermal stress from the process. UV-cure adhesives provide an instant bond, speeding up production and leading to energy savings. They are typically solvent-free, reducing energy-intensive solvent production and lowering environmental impact, and tend create stronger, more reliable bonds; leading to longer-lasting products and reduced energy consumption in the long term.

Overall, the use of UV-cure adhesives in electronic component manufacturing across all indsutries can lead to more efficient processes, reduced energy consumption, and improved product quality. However, it's important to note that the adoption of UV-cure adhesives might require initial investment in UV curing equipment and process adjustments, but the long-term energy savings and other benefits can outweigh these costs.

To find out more, contact the Technical Team at TECHSiL directly, either by emailing or calling +44 1789 773232.