Fasteners & Fixings – bringing it all together

Many industrial manufacturing processes demand a variety of fixing and fastening solutions. Whether it is a simple threaded bolt or a complex bespoke product, our quality assured fasteners are guaranteed to provide the perfect solution to your fastening needs.

To develop new and exciting products, or modify existing products to allow them to make the leap that means existing technology advances with new technology, ideas and components must both be flexible and reliable. No matter what the developments are there is always a core of base components which have been used in industry, and in many cases, for decades. The reliance on all kinds of fastening products has not decreased as technology has advanced. Industries such as oil and gas exploration, automotive, electronics and manufacturing depend upon a continual supply of a vast variety of fixings and fastenings, which are rarely thought about by the general public, yet their value to the development of the world we live in today is highly significant. The development, manufacture and supply of fastening components to a variety of industries have been an equally important factor in the progression of engineering, technology and industry on the whole. The reliance on these products has not decreased as engineering technology has advanced. Nuts, bolts and screws, circlips, sheet metal fasteners, electronic hardware, construction fixings, technical components such as Smalley Wave Springs & Spirolox retaining rings, you name it, TFC Ltd stock it or can source it. Nestled in the heart of Sussex, TFC has been established for over 50 years and is one of the UK's leading suppliers of technical fastener components. TFC have been at the forefront of providing complete fastening solutions, technical support and flexible supply chain enhancements to industry from our strategic global locations. TFC are geared to providing a level of support that ensures customers' individual and traditional needs are truly catered for and have an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative products, supply solutions and exemplary service. For full details please visit:-