Keyence further expands its precision measurement range with new step-height inspection options

Keyence has updated its range of Precision Measurement Systems with two new models for 2018, the IM-7030 and IM-7030T, expanding the options available to users of Keyence Instant Measurement Technology. New tools for step-height measurement and an enlarged 200mm x 300mm stage enable dimension checks on a wider range of components than ever before.

Following the trend established by previous models in the IM Series, the IM-7030 and IM-7030T are designed to assist in enabling speedy yet simplified inspection of even the most complex pressed, turned, moulded or electronic components. Both new models boast an expanded 200mm x 300mm stage and improved system design, allowing for the precision measurement of the larger or taller components common in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Beyond its larger size, the IM-7030T now also enables Z-Axis measurement on parts that could previously only be measured in 2D. The addition of a contact probe now allows the system to measure previously unmeasurable features such as depth or step height. The contact probe’s measuring force of 0.3N helps to maintain accuracy of results captured on the Z-Axis, even on soft components such as rubber seals and gaskets.

For 2D Measurement, the IM-7030 and IM-7030T retain the principles of simple operation and speed common to previous models in the range. Once configured, up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts can be measured with a single button press, to a repeatability of ±1 micron. Results are returned in seconds and automatically stored by the system along with an ‘OK’ or ‘NG’ judgement against programmed tolerances, helping to eliminate user error.Stored measurement information can be retrieved and exported into custom inspection reports with a single click.

Keyence are offering no-obligation on-site demonstrations to interested parties. To register your interest and request a demonstration of the new device from your local measurement specialist please contact Keyence on +44 (0) 1908 696 900.

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